PK Improving, Still Ranked Terribly

The Detroit News posted a nice little article with a few odds and ends.  We’ve touched on winged wheelmost of them, so I’ll keep this post to the odds and ends we haven’t touched on recently.  Like this…

The Wings still rank 22nd on the penalty kill, but they have killed 17 straight and haven’t allowed a power-play goal in six games.

So how bad do you have to be to kill off 17 penalties in a row over six games and still be ranked 22nd in the league?  Go back and watch some of the games from earlier this season.  Wait, don’t do that; it’s too painful.  Keep your fingers crossed, but let’s hope that the system has been fixed, and we’ll continue to improve our PK stats.

Also Kindl was sent back down to Grand Rapids.  Don’t worry, we’ll be seeing more of him next year at the very latest, when his deal with the Red Wings turns one way.

And how about Dan Cleary at center?  Babcock didn’t like it.  But he’s tried about everything to re-unite the Flying Circus while having a second line center.  Oh Val, we miss you.

“The way we are right now, we have no second-line center and I didn’t like watching Cleary play center.  I was all over the place with that, but we’ll get it worked out.” –Mike Babcock

Draper or Helm could probably help fill the void on the second line, but you’d  have to be a fool to mess with the Little Red Corvette Line (Eaves-Helm-Draper).