Ozzie and Howie – Still BFFs

From the Free Press early this morning…winged_wheel

“I couldn’t ask for a better partner here in the NHL.  He’s been awesome since we met. He’s always backed me. He’s always good with a joke if he thinks I’m too tense. I believe it’s a healthy competition because we both want each other to win. I want to push Chris and get as many starts as I can, and we’re happy for each other when we win.”–Jimmy Howard

Howard will start tonight against the Phoenix Puppy Dogs.  I had tickets to this game, but offered them up as a birthday present to my mother…plus I have a game myself and haven’t had much luck attending Wings games recently.  Anyway, back to matter at hand, Ozzie had this to add:

“It always seemed like it didn’t matter what you did in the regular season until you played in the playoffs, which can be unfair.  From when I first saw Howie when he was 20 to now, it’s like night and day. He’s ready to be here. I tell him every day just keep getting better. Don’t listen to anything, and just play.”

We won a game on Friday.  We won a game on Saturday; that’s two in a row.  We win one tonight, that’s called a winning streak.  It has happened before.

Can’t blame Babcock for throwing Howie in tonight.  Osgood let in a real softy to Phoenix last time that we played them to lose the game in OT.  Yet another team that is currently ahead of us in the standings.  Here’s hoping we can take two points tonight without letting them get that dreadful “lost, but didn’t lose in regulation point”.