No Grudge

Well I asked and many of you responded.  Should we boo Hossa tonight when he makes his return to the Joe wearing the jersey of our most hated enemy?  Most say ‘No’.  Well, according to Khan(!), the Red Wings agree with you:burning_jersey

“I hope he gets cheered.  Hossa was a big part of our team. He played hard, he was well-respected by the guys in the room and by the coaching staff and by our fans.”–Mike Babcock

“Hoss came in and gave it his all last year, he played well for us.  There’s no hard feelings and I don’t think the fans should have any. He’s still one of our good friends in here.”–Brett Lebda

“Hoss was a great teammate and a great guy. He walked away from a lot of money and some long-term deals to come here and win the Stanley Cup, and unfortunately we came up one game short.”–Kris Draper

Cheers might be pushing it, Mike…especially considering his lack of scoring in all but three games during the play-offs and NONE in the seven game finale.  Brett should be worried about whether or not he is getting booed the way he’s been playing and Drapes did his usually diplomat PC jargin (just don’t forget to shake his hand).

Now I’m all for feeling superior to Chicago and Pittsburgh fans…but I’m not so sure I couldn’t bring myself to let the man know what I feel about him if I was going to be in attendance tonight.  Like I said in one of the original NOHS posts that he could have went almost anywhere else and I wouldn’t hate him.