NHL Suspension Policy – Uncovered!

I’ve been meaning to write a blog about the absolute insanity that is the NHL when it comes to suspensions, in which I was planning on using some impressive and confusing law school terms which I learned in the past six months of my three year quest to be on a Sam Bernstein commercial.  While I still might try and pull this off, Down Goes Brown put up a post that totally explains everything to a tee regarding the NHL wheel of suspensions.

Please read, you won’t be disappointed and you might even learn a thing or two.

Also, Tyler at TTD has one of the best analogies ever regarding Zetterberg and doubleshifting.

Most players think that “double shifting” is playing on multiple lines; to Z it means dominating a hockey game and then going home to work over Emma.

Basically, this post is me doing this, but in a respectful and awed way.