New Digs, New Challenges

Whew boy.  Bloguin certainly has a lot to play around with.  Posting today has been a little scarce for a weekday because:

A. The Wings don’t play again until Thursday, so there isn’t much news

2.  Chris and I are having trouble coming up with stuff that is both original and interesting

iii.  I’ve been spending most of my free time trying to build this place up from the bare bones that it was when we made the move.


I thought I would take a second to point out a few upgrades that have been made so far this week.

  • Archives have been uploaded.  You can now access all of the posts from the old site right from here.
  • A link has been created for anyone who feels like checking Standings, Stats, Schedule/Results, or going right to the official website.
  • I found 29 other blogs, one from each team that is regularly updated and posted links to every single one of them in a drop down menu under “Other NHL Blogs” for all to use at their discretion.  That took an awful long time to figure out and execute so please, please, please use it at least once.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the upgraded site.  I’ll keep adding new fancy-schmancy applications as time goes on.  Thank you so much for making this all possible.