More Disgusting Numbers

Khan(!) and his team are hard at work to make sure that we all keep thinking about how bad our Red Wings have been playing as of late.  Even though we finally ended the worst scoring drought in over 30 years on Saturday, there is still another hateful record that we are still trying to avoid.  Here are some stats in regards to minutes played at home without a goal being scored…


1.   202:34  Dec. 15, 1960 to Jan. 5, 1961
2. 199:35  Feb. 19-Mar. 1, 1928
3. 178:17  Dec. 14-Dec. 28, 1958
4. 173:40  Mar. 13-Mar. 31, 1977
5. 146:38  Nov. 10-Nov. 24, 1935


The Red Wings streak right now stands at 142 minutes and 42 seconds.  Even though this isn’t a real statistic, because the Wings keep scoring legitimate goals that keep getting called back, officially they need to score less than five minutes into tonight’s contest to avoid cracking the top five on this list.


Strong starts have not generally been Detroit’s cup of tea.  But who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and have a bounce go our way and the referees will actually allow us to score.