Lebda Sick

…and not in that “oh, that was a sick move” or anything.  Via the Detroit News:

He’s sick.  He came in today and he had a fever so obviously real precautious, try and look after that.”–Head Coach, Mike Babcock

Head throbbing, Brett?  Feeling nautious?  Now you know how we’ve been feeling when you’re out on the ice.  Now, I would never wish an illness on any of my Detroit Red Wings, but the inconsistent (heavily favoring the “bad” end of the spectrum) play of Leba has me more than a little worried each time I see him take a shift.

The pairing of Lebda with Ericsson baffles me.  Niether one of these defenseman seem to have the know-how or ability to cover for one another, which is terrible considering they both love to jump up into the play.  Putting Ericsson with Lidstrom and Lebda/Meech with Stuart seems to make the most since.  Kronwall and Rafalski make a nice pair as well.  But putting two, young, offensive-minded D-man together has been the recipe for disaster.  The pairing of #22 and #52 are a combined -9 so far this year.