Kick ‘Em When They’re Down 11/30 vs DAL


Detroit needs to invest in a DVR.
I know the economy is bad, but this goal was obviously Morrow’s as plain as day if you can watch it in slow motion.
The puck changes direction as it goes near his stick.
This is killing me as I have both Robidas and Morrow on my Fantasy team and I basically just got screwed out of the extra assist. Way to go Detroit.

Right…because that’s exactly what they use to replay goals, their DirectTV DVR box.  Wait, was this game on VS?  Ok, we’ll go with Comcast, moron.  PS…he didn’t have anything to say when they corrected the goal.  Good luck in fantasy, Mike.


You know, I thought starting Auld in the last Detroit game was such a great idea. And since that worked out well, I’m wondering why Crawford chose to start Marty tonight…given his record in Detroit.

Patrick in Section 9

Agree with you there StarsFan. I’d go with Auld too, just because of the last win he got against the Wings. Marty gives up 3 to 5 goals a game in Detroit usually. Also why not reward the goalie who had won his last game with another start, even though he didn’t play all that well.

Because it’s called coaching.  Throwing the same goaltender in on back-to-back nights is tremendously risky.  Unless you’re playing fantasy hockey like Mike and need another win.  Auld wasn’t brought in to beat teams like Detroit, he was brought in to take some of the starter’s workload.  Too bad we happen to own said starter.  Sorry.

 Chace from Minneapolis

Good time to steal a point here. Wandell again looks fantastic. Hes got that Modano glide to his game. I really like it. Annoying to have to listen to the RW guys on Center Ice, though.


I hear ya Chace! they are so irriatting! Every detroit penalty shouldn’t be a penalty and blah blah blah.


Jessica, obviously you only hear what you want to. Mickey Redmond blasts the refs on calls period, not just the ones against the Wings. Open your ears before you spew through your keyboard. One specific ref blast was the penalty on Skrastins for interference on Helm. Redmond was disgusted by the call, and he’s probably the most unbiased announcer in the league. Get over yourself and your bias, open your ears idiot.

Mickey is one the most unbiased announcer in the league?  Now you go too far, Cujo.  What people fail to realize is that Mickey Redmond, Ken Daniels, and Larry Murphy are employees of the Detroit Red Wings.  They are paid to be biased towards the team that employees them.  Sure, Murph likes to try and show some faux objectivity, a la PuckDaddy, but they’re all truly and rightfully biased.  But to the whiney Stars fans; you honestly think that the rest of the hockey world would like to hear what Dallas has to say to about this game?

I know these aren’t the highest of quality comments, and I for one am shocked..I mean…Texas IS hockey, right?