Kick ‘Em When They’re Down: 11/12 vs VAN

These comments brought you from Nucks Misconduct and their game-day thread:

Beantown Canuck: goddamn it i need to get a tv soon and then get centre ice

A good way to start I think.  The recession has hit some people harder than others…maybe sell your computer to get a TV?
kentcheesehead: Can’t do nothing right.

Ok, I feel like this is not a fair representation of the “seventh Canuck” (they have their own retired banner, ya know?), we have one guy who doesn’t have a TV and this guy who talks like a Nashville Predators fan.  Still, I thought it was funny.  This comment came after a lot of F-bombs were dropped when Holmer made it 1-0 on the PP.
Brewhaha69: lol bert’s breakin necks again

Missy: bugger off, bert.

These two were posted in the exact same minute, same topic, so I put them together.  Obviously, there’s still some feelings there for Big Bert.  I wonder what he was doing to set them off.

YankeeCanuck: Wow. Didn’t realize Detroit was full of bitches.

Bitches with rings, you oxymoronic username having cad.

Here comes another flurry after the Zetterberg goal, you ready?

SeanZandberg: Oh wow. That was a sweet goal by Zetterberg
cyxj: Just got the goal on the DD feed. Z is too good.
eightyseven: Hahah same here. What a beast.
missy: f**k you, Zetterberg

Impressed, complimentary…like I said before, Canucks fans are very respectful (most of them).

265 total comments.  Some laughs, but in the end…nothing but cries.