It’s the Same Old Song and Dance

This from Khan(!)

It is the first time Detroit has been blanked in consecutive games since Dec. 15 and 17,winged wheel 2001, at Vancouver (3-0) and at home against Chicago (2-0). It is the first time the Red Wings have been shut out in consecutive home games since March 23 and 27, 1977, against Boston and Montreal (both 6-0).

Read that again, and then once more.  If you’re head is not ready to turn 360 degrees and pea soup isn’t about to escape your lips, read it one more time.

It’s been over 30 years since the Red Wings have shutout on consecutive nights at home…30blues_logo frickin’ years.  If Zetterberg AND Datsyuk were both out of the lineup, I could probably excuse this travesty…maybe.  But to not score a goal in over 120 minutes with the likes of Hank, Pasha, Bert, Cleary, and Leino on the ice is inexcusable.  80 shots, zero goals.  There comes a point where the whole “well at least they’re getting chances” thought process gets a little old.  It did for me somewhere during the first intermission of last night’s game.

Did the refs screw us out of two more goals?  Yes.  Do great teams, or even play-off caliber teams rebound from that and win anyway?  Maybe.  All I know is that Kipper was good, but he wasn’t THAT good last night.  We didn’t force him to make any really spectacular, jaw-dropping saves.  We’re hitting the goalie with the puck.  It’s shooting101, don’t look at the goalie, look at the net.  Don’t look at the red iron, look at the twine.  Aim for it.  Hit it.

Wings, get the hell out of Detroit tonight, get away from all of us frustrated fans, go on the road, put the hurt on the Bitter, Brittle, Blues and then come back nice and refreshed.  Remember Stockholm?  Hank?  Lidas?  Holmer?  Remember how this team embarrassed ou in that once in a lifetime chance to play in the Winged Wheel in front of your countrymen (not to mention die-hards like myself that made the trip across the pond)?  The word of the night is retribution.  Take it.