Harsh Words

This from Free Press, Coach Babcock wants more out of his top line…and he isn’t pulling any punches while talking about it:

“Pav, Bert and Homer haven’t been as good. They turn the puck over way too much and haven’t had enough substance playing in the offensive zone. For Homer to score goals and be effective, they gotta be on the grind in that zone, and he’s gotta be at the net. That’s a key for him.”

Sure he’s abrasive and a little blunt at times, but that’s our Uncle Mike, and we love him.

Truth be told, this line did look a little shaky on Wednesday.  Bert looks like he’s hustling, but without sustained pressure in the offensive zone, Holmstrom can be a liability at times.  The pressure and shots needs to be established by Datsyuk and Bert, and the defense need to get their shots through the opposition.

Let’s go, boys.