Forget this Weekend

Zero points in 2 games played…so-freaking-what?winged_wheel

Don’t listen to whatever you might be hearing from all the bandwagon Chicago fans out there.  Last night proved absolutely nothing.  An “improved” Chicago Blackhawks team beat Detroit?  No.  A Chicago team plus one extra heartless mercenary beat up on a team made up of half of our farm system.  Big whoop.

Guess what, Chicago?  Huet is still a chump.  We made it look easy for him.  He won’t win chi_logoyou a Cup.

So we’re out Zetterberg, Franzen, Cleary, Filppula, Williams, Kronwall, Ericsson, and Lilja.  You were missing Adam Burrish and Dave Bolland.

Let’s see how the game would have gone if you were missing Patrick Sharp, “Twenty Cent” Patrick Kane, Andrew Ladd, John Madden, Chris Versteeg, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Cam Barker, and Brent Sopel.  (Those are pretty much matches on the depth chart.)  Think that game would have been a little different?  I think we pretty much showed what a full roster could do the new “it” team back in October.  And that game was played in front of fans who have been watching for years before their team became relevant again.

Still think there’s a “changing of the guard” in the Central Division?  That’s a joke.  You have one team who is completely playing for this year because they have enough cap space to ice about 12 guys come this off-season.  And you have one team who has been completely decimated by injuries.  It’s nothing but blind, stupid, do-dah clueless luck for Chicago.  And their time will come.

Let everyone think that Chicago is the new powerhouse of the West.  Hell, let them take the #1 seed.  Because if Detroit sits at #8 in the Conference come play-off time?  Oh baby, get ready for the first round of a lifetime.  And not all of the speared groins and battered 60 year old cab drivers in the world would stop Detroit from smashing Chicago’s little dreams of glory and watching it go up in smoke as that bandwagon goes full speed into that brick wall called Li’l Gary’s Salary Cap.  Do the math, it doesn’t add up.

Did I mention that I would rather have Chris Osgood OR Jimmy Howard over Cristobel Huet in a play-off series?

So here’s a note to everyone; forget this weekend.  It doesn’t mean diddly squat that the Grand Rapids Griffins with Bertuzzi, Datsyuk, and Holmstrom, couldn’t beat Dallas or Chicago.  We got a few boys who are working their butts off to get healthy and get back out and help this team.  And when they do?  You better believe that they’ll hit the ground running.  If you think you’re frustrated, just think about how Mule, Cleary, Kronwall, and Zata feel sitting by and watching that farce of a weekend knowing that it would be different if they were on the ice.

And they will start returning.  All of our waiting will be paid off in full when we get to see the Winged Wheel play play-off caliber hockey from the end of Olympics to the first round of the Western Conference Semi-final.. Not just because they’ll have to, but because they’ll want to.   Make no mistake, my friends, we’re going to see a side of this team not seen in the regular season in a dog’s age…possibly ever.

So forget this weekend.  If you DVR’d any of the games and plan to watch them later, delete that crap right now.  Save yourself the frustration.  Just remember that Gary’s Baby Boys who won the Cup last year were out of a play-off spot until February last season.  We won’t need any coaching changes.  We won’t need any trades to bring in some real leadership either.  We just need to get healthy.  And we will.