Ericsson has Knee Drained

ericssonplayerpicNews from Khan(!) about the Big Rig…

Apparently, Johnny had fluid drained from his injured knee.  It’s so bad, that he’s going to have it drained again within the next few days barring any setback.

“My whole leg from my knee down to my ankle is pretty swollen.  I don’t have that much motion right now. Got to work to get the swelling down and go from there.  Doctor told me it’s a guess to say when we think you’re going to be back; these things are so different from case to case.  They said two-to-four weeks, probably.”

Not much to be happy about right now in Detroit.  I’m not discussing what happened this weekend anymore.  I’ve said all I think I need to say about the matter below.  Right now, we are just sitting around and waiting for our guys to get healthy.