Don’t be too Hasty, Wings Nation

A lot of negative chatter over at A2Y already. I say hold your horses, take a deep breath, and think about this for a second:

So Hossa gets 40 goals for $7.4 Mil, if BOTH Eaves and Williams play up to their potential, we could keep those 40 goals at a fraction of the cost.
Now all we need is Leino and Filppula to pick up some slack for Samuelsson and Hudler. You can bet your bottom dollar that Zetterberg AND Franzen will have bigger numbers this year than they did last year. Datsyuk might finally reach that elusive 100 points if he stays with Z all year.
This is going to be just fine.

“Soft!” The opposition will cry. “The Red Wings are soft!” Well, our enforcer will once again be our power-play. I have a sneaking suspicion that this regular season’s success will depend greatly on the combined strengths/weaknesses of special teams.

Anyone seen Jason Williams play the point on the power-play recently? Admittedly, I have not. Maybe, just maybe he’s improved from what we saw during his first tenure with Detroit.

Try and stay positive. Don’t second guess Kenny. Don’t you freakin‘ do it.