Discussing D-Man Doug

From detnews.com

“I’m not sure what my role will be.  I’ve just got to go out there whenever they use me, try to the best job I can, keep my game simple and help the team.  I played a couple years there in Tampa.  It’s pretty much a new team now from when I was there but I know a few guys, so it’ll be exciting.”–Doug Janik

So Drew Miller won’t be the only ex-Bolt out there this evening.  However, Miller was waived early on in the season.  Janik, on the other hand, chose to leave Tampa and signed elsewhere as a free agent after the 2007-2008 season.  Think Drew Miller wants a crack at the team that waived him?  I bet he’s growing more pre-mature gray hair today just thinking about it.

But anyway, back D.J… apparently making the transition from Grand Rapids to Detroit isn’t the Herculian task some might have though it to be:

“Everyone here is so nice, they’re very welcoming.  We play a similar system there in Grand Rapids so it’s a pretty easy transition. I just try to play steady, take care of defense first and move the puck out. That’s what I’ve been doing down there and that’s what I’ll try to do here.”

King Lidas has another idea on how to use D.J.  We’ll call it Operation Human Shield:

“I think he can help us defensively, especially on the PK (penalty kill).  He can be out there killing penalties and being in shooting lanes. We need guys that can play steady defense, too, back there.”

That’s it Doug get in that shooting lane.  Good.  Great work, Doug.  Now get back up.  Skate that one off, Doug.  Here comes another one…quick slide head first if you have to,  Doug.