Did That Look Like a Play-off Team to You?

Well…at least it’s Friday.  Sorry for getting such a late start, but I skated at JLA again this winged wheelmorning and it’s a long drive from there to work (you have to love flex time).

Some good things to take away from last night’s performance:

Crap, I got nothing..  Usually, you could get away with “at least no one else got hurt”.  But that isn’t even the case.  Ericsson twisted his leg, though I’m hoping it’s not too serious.  I bet you thought we had snapped that that offensive ineptitude…didn’t you?

I couldn’t believe it, but I actually found myself rooting for the Penguins last night because they were playing a Western Conference team.  It is quite apparent that nothing is going to come easy for this team.  It’s time for the leaders to step up and be leaders.  Sore back, Raff?  Too bad.  THE captain played on one leg when we had to.  It’s high time that everyone looks in the mirror and asks themselves if they’re doing absolutely everything they can to help this team win.

And yes, you’re reigning Stanley Cup champions were out of the play-off spot until February last season, but that’s just not how we role.  We’ve become so accustomed to being able to coast down the stretch, that I’m not sure how this team would handle having to win [blank] out of their final [blank] games just to make it post-season.

This could truly be a gut-check season for #5.  It’s easy to cover up leadership flaws when you’re team is doing well.  But does the Perfect Human have what it takes to lead a struggling team through some adversity?  I guess we’ll see.