Bowman Talks Wings Future at the Joe

winged_wheelHere’s an interesting little piece in which Scotty Bowman talks on Fan 590 about the possible relocation of the Red Wings…not Winnipeg Jets relocation, more like Chicago Blackhawks relocation.

You can listen to conversation in its entirety here.

My own personal thoughts on moving the Red Wings out of Joe Lous…

I love Joe Louis, but the building is terribly outdated once you go and see places like Nationwide Arena or even the United Center (even though the fans there are terribly outdated).  JLA’s bathroom situation is horrendous.  The out-of-town scoreboards aren’t even functioning.  And let’s be honest, it might be a long time before Detroit can sell out a 20,000+ capacity building, with the economy being what it is.  That being said, a new state of the art building with a smaller seating capacity could be just what the doctor ordered, if the means to get it built ever become possible.

I’m not saying “tear down the Joe” by any means, just trying to keep an open mind.

What do you guys think?