Bleacher Report Said What?

And here comes the chorus.  Just like the pre-season gloom and doom predictions for thewinged wheel Red Wings, the pundits are all going to start chiming in on how Howard is the #1 goalie in Detroit.  So I wasn’t surprised when I came across a Bleacher Report article titled “A Starter Is Born: Red Wings’ Goalie Jimmy Howard Is Winning The Net”.

What did surprise me was this:

There are a few truly unique positions in professional sports.  These are positions that carry with them equal amounts of unbridled glory and merciless scrutiny. Win, and you’re the city’s messiah. Lose, and you’re derided as the anti-Christ. Namely, the manager of the New York Yankees, the Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, and the goalie for the Detroit Red Wings.

Stay with me now.  That part is actually kind of true.  But here is where they drop the ball:

Ask Chris Osgood about this.

After becoming the franchise playoff wins leader, backstopping two Stanley Cup championships, and now sitting five wins away from 400, he’s still considered by many Red Wing fans to be the worst goalie to ever win a championship.

Well, that is, until he does, then he’s just fine.

Um…what?  What Red Wings fans are saying that? Oh I get it.  More Red Wings fan bashing…where’s the proof?  No where.  But wait, it gets worse:

Along with Osgood, Mike Vernon, Dominik Hasek, Curtis Joseph, and Manny Legace have all, at some point, been the bane of a fan’s existence.

Oh, and let’s not forget Tim Cheveldae, who opted for a much less stressful job as a firefighter upon his retirement.

Such perils accompany the position itself, not necessarily the man who occupies it.

The residents change, but the neighborhood remains as it always has been—rough.

Dear Bleacher Report.  S*ck it.

Read the rest if you want.  I stopped after that last little bit made me want to throw my computer out of my third story window.