Big Weekend Ahead


There is never a “good time” for an injury to occur, but this latest injury that will have Zetterberg sidelined is just sickening…

You knew something was going to happen to one of them, whether it was Zetterberg, Lidstrom, or Datsyuk.  Ericsson is partly to blame for the jinx  This is what he told the Free Press on Wednesday:

“It just feels like it’s got to be enough now.  We’ve had some unlucky injuries, and it just keeps going. Now it’s got to be a stop for it.”

We’re currently sitting in 8th place in the Western Conference with two huge games to be played on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday’s game is out in Dallas, against the very team we’re trying to hold off for that last play-off spot.  And then Sunday we fly right back to face-off against the hated Chicago Blackhawks in the United Center where they boast a 14-3-1 record.zetterberg16

So once again this team is going to be tested.  Another call-up is going to have to happen.  Jeremy Williams?  He and Newbury seemed to have chemistry in Grand Rapids, maybe that’s your 4th line with Maltby on the Wing.  We are now without 3 great centers; Zetterberg, Filppula, and Helm (maybe).

But if the Wings can somehow find a way to win both games this weekend?  We’re looking at some much needed breathing room as far as where we sit in the standings.  4 points could possibly put us 6 points ahead of 9th place and maybe even get us to 6th in the Conference.  Normally, that is something we would be livid about in Hockeytown, USA.  But these are not normal times.

As the body count rises, so too does my blood pressure.  But maybe, just maybe the Wings can keep this run going and put some space between us and the play-off bubble.

In Jimmy we trust?  Is it official that he’s your starter?