And the slumbering giant has awoken…

In less than 48 hours, Todd Bertuzzi made every Detroit Red Wing fan’s weekend by netting bertuzzi20four goals including two overtime game winners, and in stunning fashion.

Okay, the first goal was extremely lucky.  In fact, Bert admitted that it was a pass attempt that happened to carom off of Giguere’s skate and into the Anaheim net.  But the OT winner on Friday was a near impossible shot, where Bert saw a puck sized hole over Giggy’s shoulders and tickled the twine catching everyone in Joe Louis off-guard, including the Ducks’ net-minder, and probably himself.

The two goals in Nashville were both beauties.  How many others are able to admit that they were already screaming at the TV when Bert started that spin as we swooped in down the left wing?  I know that I was.  And did Todd ever turn my jeers to cheers as he put a perfectly placed backhander past the far side of Pekka Rinne for the goal.

Did you see him put the distance between himself and the defender in OT?  Did you freakin’ see that?  I’ve said it since the beginning of this year, Todd Bertuzzi has never been quicker on his feet than he is right now.  A lot of pundits were actually criticizing him for dropping the weight over the summer, claiming that it would make him even less efficient as a power forward.  Well guess what?  Both goals against Nashville were only created by Bertuzzi’s speed (how many times could we say that in Vancouver, when he tipped the scale at 240+ lbs?).  Bert swooped the puck under Rinne’s poke check and slid the puck into the net…awesome.

Here’s what Bertuzzi had to say afterwards, according to Khan(!)


“Just getting some puck luck.  I could easily be at 15 goals this year if I had puck luck earlier. I know the way it goes. You can’t get frustrated, just got to stick with it and hope that it rides the storm and goes in like that.  It’s fun to contribute — and contribute to wins, that’s the most important thing.  With Dan going down, that’s another guy who contributes offensively, so we need other guys to step up. I know I’m capable of doing it. It would just be nice to do it more on a consistent basis. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come.”

Hopefully indeed, Todd.

Todd is back on pace for what I had originally expected him to produce.  If he plays in the remaining 50 games, he should have 20+ goals and a 60+ point season.  Not bad for $1.5 mil.  Keep it up, Todd and there will be a nice big extension waiting for you after this season.