Another Less than Favorable Power Ranking

Hey not much news going around…maybe I’ll just start prattling on about how stupid…oh…I don’t know…the Carlina Hurricanes fans and bloggers are.  Wait, no.  Nevermind…I’ll stick to my own team.

From the Big Bad Blog‘s power rankings…

Detriot Red Wings13. (16) 17-11-5   The Red Wings have won 3-of-4 and are getting in gear. But the loss of defenseman Jonathan Ericsson in Monday’s win over the Coyotes could limit their climb.

I have two problems with this.  Teams ranked 10 and 11 are Nashville and Phoenix, whom we just beat.  Would we have beaten them without the Big Rig?  Probably.  Some people might even say with the say Ericsson has been playing at times this year that Doug Janik, in some circumstances, is an uprgade.