And now you’re stuck with me.

Now with Drew on his way to Sweden, you bitches are stuck with me. I’m a bit like the Brent of the Triple Deke, here for a post occasionally, except without the effort or the writing talent. And of course, I have my first law school exam on Friday, so reason would think that hockey would be #2 in my life right now. But fuck that. Seasons starting tomorrow and I’d watch Atlanta play the local Mite house team right now. So law school can wait.

A few little comments to maybe get all of your opinion on:

-Did anyone see anything out of Eaves in the preseason? I only caught him here and there and wasn’t that impressed.

-Time Warner finally got a deal in place for Center Ice, now I just need to convince them that they need to put NHL network in my package for the 35 Wings games the network carries.

-It truely seems that the Wings are excited as hell to play in Sweden and I say good for them.

-Howard will be fine in net. He had the best save percentage in the preseason of any Wings goaltender who isn’t known for a photoshopped beach ball scoring behind him. The Wings need to figure out how to play in front of him.

-On that note, Conkblock, who I liked, has also been horribly overrated by the media. He’s a solid goalie, noting more. Did he really play that well last year, or did Ozzie play that bad. We won’t miss him.

-Everyone is picking the Flyers this year. Really? I see them as a Slapshot sort of meathead team. Yes, I know that the Chiefs won the Federal League, but its a fucking movie, that shit doesn’t happen in real life. And jesus, Pronger is no Reg Dunlop.

Plus can you see Briere really fitting into this team? I see a bench brawl in their future and Briere crying on the bench, until he sees his lover Sidney in the stands. Briere skates out to center ice and strips off his uniform – with the arena band getting into the act by playing “The Stripper.” Suddenly, the teams stop fighting and stare in amazement at Briere, who shouts, I’m gay for you Cindy. And later we’d find Bobby Clarke dead, of a gunshot wound to head, and a note saying he couldn’t live another day knowing that he signed a man as flaming as Danny boy.

-Dear Chief, please come back. Signed – Wings fans everywhere.