5 (Months) for Fighting

So there’s been some talk around the Red Wings Nation about the lack of a pure-enforcer in our line-up. Fan favorite Aaron Downey did not re-sign with the team and we didn’t end up signing Detroit native tough-guy Mike Grier. But let’s look at the most recent fights in Red Wing history and how it’s turned out for our tough guys.

It’s been 5 months and change since Andreas Lilja’s fight against Shea Webber, and the man is still experiencing concussion-like symptoms. It’s looking as if he will be put on long-term Injury Reserve to start the season, which is good for the Wings in terms of Cap space, but not so good considering Lilja was seemingly turning a corner last season in terms of quality of play.

The now ex-Wing, Tomas Kopecky had his face re-arraigned by Francois Beauchemin in Game 4 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals which ended up being his last on-ice act as a Red Wing.

Johnny Ericsson did a pretty good job of tuning up loud-mouthed punk, Corey Perry earlier in that series…so maybe we’ll let him do the fighting from now on.

But the question is? Do we really need a true-blue fighter on this team? Or are we content to let our powerplay be the real enforcer?